By: northernplainsweather

Jun 27 2010

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Focal Length:6.4mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX L110

Supercell of Amazement

What is there like the Supercell?

What can one compare it to, the Strength of the Supercell?

It is an amazement of the atmosphere of our Earth.

Frightful, yet beautiful, Smooth, yet Dramatic,

the Supercell Reings supreme

As the Storm of All Storms.

With ease and with splendor, with strength and with fury

The Supercell can create or it can destroy

Through rains it can cause the earth to grow forth

Through tornadoes it can cause the fiercest destruction

The strongest winds on Earth.

Through hail it pulls down the coldest of air

Through lightning it expresses a voice of power.

With what can we compare the Supercell?

Of all of nature’s displays, of what can we liken it?

Taller than anything else in our atmospheric addictions –

Stronger than any other storm –

As the Lion is the King of the Cats

The Supercell is, indeed

the King of the Storms

A Lion – roaring and growling –

hissing and striking –

The Lion of the Skies –

The Supercell.


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