By: northernplainsweather

Jun 27 2010

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Focal Length:5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX L110

Storm on the Prarie

What is the definition of a peaceful scene?

What is the definition of serenity?

It is this – this marvel, that is what is is.

A field of marvelous, lush greens of earth –

untampered, fresh, and beautiful –

A sky of beautiful rains and storm –

kingly and dramatic – yet soft and gentle

Like the smooth skin of the arms of a woman

It appears as silky –

yet as with a woman of pride and strength

And intelligence – it has earned the highest respect.

As a woman sprays beautiful fragrance – the finest perfumes –

the Lady of the Storm displays her own special fragrance –

the fragrance of the rain.

Do you dare disrespect the storm?

This – the definition of a scene of peace and of beauty –

the most enchanting moment of peace on the prarie –

the nirvana of the chaser –

the height of atmospheric ecstasy.

The joy of cyclonic wonder

To be respected –

to be enjoyed –

Be mesmerized by nature’s gifts –

Cherish the fleeting time –

the elements display their beauty to all who take time

to watch, to listen –

and to be amazed.


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