Storm Chasing in the Northern Plains is, in my belief, the best Chasing Territory in the World. This page will seek to explain my reasons why.

Longer Chase Season

In the Southern Plains, an ordinary chase season lasts from March through May, usually. In the Northern Plains, chase season lasts from April clear through July and sometimes longer.

Less Chaser Convergence

In the Southern Plains, chasers can hoard the streets of Oklahoma and Texas by the hundreds causing congestion and taking away from the beauty of the storm. Such is rarely if ever the case in the Northern Plains, allowing you to focus your energies on the storm, and not the hundreds of other chasers taking the same pictures of the same storm that you are watching.

Spectacular Storms

Northern Plains Storms have the same beauty and power as the Southern Storms have. In the Northern Plains, there is as much risk for violent tornadoes and extreme supercells as the Southern Plains. Extreme hail, strong winds, and breathtaking structure are common with Northern Plains supercells and thunderstorm structures. And you have a much higher chance of getting a unique, lifetime chance in the Northern Plains then in the South.

Excellent Data and Road Network

In most of the Northern Plains, the Data Network and the Road Networks are awesome – gridded to allow ease of targeting and escape if needed. Plus, the Data Network is in most cases amazing in the Northern Plains – especially if you are using Verizon.

Great Food at Great Prices

The Northern Plains is home to great food at great prices and usually not spaced too far apart as well. Wanting a celebratory steak? Definately great places for great steak – and at a reasonable price as well.

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