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Jul 17 2010

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Focal Length:15.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX L110

Mammatus clouds.

Bulging from the underside of Cumulonimbus clouds that precede or herald the arrival of a severe thunderstorm, these clouds strike fascination in awe in almost everyone who sees their beauty to behold.

Mammatus are indicative of strong turbulence in the upper atmosphere as a result of the violent nature of thunderstorm updrafts. They can be smooth, lumpy, large, or small. They can fill a small portion of the sky, or fill the entire sky completely with mammatal goodness.


A Pouched Sky, Turbulent.

A Forebearer of atmospheric violence

A reminder of what was.

Frolicking in the skies, hanging down with zeal

The Mammatus makes violence known

with intrinsic beauty and flair.

Mammatus, the cloud of grace and beauty

Harmlessly addicting in their majesty.